What is Calvary Presbytery?

Calvary Presbytery is the regional body of Congress in Queensland. The Presbytery meets twice a year with representatives from each of its seven congregations.


The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) is the body within the Uniting Church in Australia that has oversight of the Church’s ministry with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It was established by the Assembly of the Uniting Church in 1985.

The Congress consists of Aboriginal and Islander members of the Uniting Church in Australia and members in fellowship who may also be members of any other denomination;

It is made up of Aboriginal and Islander people seeking to fulfil their calling as Christians among their own people, especially in the area of holistic ministry.

The Congress determines its own goals and objectives and decides its own policies and priorities;

Apart from congregational life, the Congress runs a number of programs and organisations in response to community needs and aspirations.

It seeks to work collaboratively with the wider Uniting Church, other denominations and Indigenous organisations.

It works to bring to an end the injustices which hold Aboriginal and Islander people at the fringes of Australian society and help Aboriginal and Islander people achieve spiritual, economic, social and cultural independence.

Dennis Corowa at Kirribilli House - Remote communities closure protest

Dennis Corowa at Kirribilli House – Remote communities closure protest

Congress seeks to unite in one fellowship all Aboriginal and Islander Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, accept the authority of the Scriptures and desire to follow and serve Christ as his disciples.

Each state or region in Australia has a Congress Regional Committee, or Presbytery, that oversees the work of the Congress and the local congregations and organisations of that region.

Key Personnel

National Chairman is the Rev Dennis Corowa
PO Box 1446, Thuringowa Central, Qld 4817
Phone: 0408 871 354

National Co-ordinator (Interim) is the Rev Dr Chris Budden
Phone: 0439 194 878
15 Murray Street, Adamstown Heights, NSW, 2289