The Gordonvale congregation, known as the Eternal Life Fellowship, has been the focus of Pastor Bill Hollingsworth’s ministry for many years.

Bill, a national leader and elder was involved in the establishment of the UAICC. He has conducted a faithful ministry at Gordonvale and although he officially retired in 2003, he has continued to provide pastoral leadership to the congregation.

Gordonvale - Darryl and Maria

Gordonvale – Darryl and Maria

One of the strengths of the congregation’s ministry has been its community work in the local Gordonvale community. Through its established corporation – Living Waters Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation – it has run a Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) program and initiated small businesses and job creation schemes for the local Indigenous community.

The congregation was assisted by the Cairns Uniting Church when Cairns sold its city property and redeveloped a new worship centre for its Emmanuel congregation in the suburb of Manunda. Some of the proceeds of sale went towards the purchase of a double shopfront property in Gordonvale, which is where the congregation meets today.

The congregation is small – about 20 to 30 people. It has links to a small Indigenous church group in Babinda. Bible Study and Prayer groups often meet together.

The congregation is led voluntarily by Pastor Bill Hollingsworth and other lay leaders.